Episode 14: H.P. Lovecraft & Weird Fiction

Words To That Effect Ep 14: Weird Fiction & HP Lovecraft


H.P. Lovecraft’s Weird Fiction

The American writer H.P. Lovecraft wrote weird fiction. His work is both weird, in the conventional sense of the word, and Weird, in a very specific sense. His tales are not typical horror stories, but instead invoke a type of cosmic terror, a slow realization that humanity is an insignificant afterthought in a vast universe of indescribably horrific creatures. Protagonists tend to write their stories on the verge of madness, or just before they commit suicide having witnessed some unspeakable horror. His writing is all about atmosphere, not plot.

Lovecraft’s writing has been enormously influential on the development of genre fiction – science fiction, fantasy, and particularly horror. His is a world, a mythos, in which cosmic entities such as Cthulhu are terrifyingly revealed.


Pop Culture Cthulhu

This all may seem incredibly niche, but Lovecraft has permeated popular culture in every form. Lovecraft’s work is referenced, supplemented, parodied, critiqued, documented, and dissected. Cthulhu, along with a pantheon of other cosmic creatures, is a source of fascination for huge numbers of people, especially online. It’s pretty safe to say the internet is a bit obsessed with HP Lovecraft.

And it is also all a bit, well, weird, if you haven’t really come across it before.

This episode explores the world of Lovecraft, Lovecraftian writing, and weird fiction. My guest is Dr Tim Jarvis, lecturer in creative writing at the University of Bedfordshire, and an author of weird fiction himself. The story takes us from early 20th century America to contemporary writers, such as Jeff Vandermeer and China Mieville, writing weird fiction today.


Guest Profile

the wanderer timothy j jarvis weird fiction

Dr Tim Jarvis is a lecturer in creative writing in the University of Bedfordshire. His academic profile can be found here

He is also an author, under the name Timothy J Jarvis, of weird fiction. His author website is here

Buy The Wanderer here!




The wonderfully atmospheric music this week was by Paddy Mulcahy. You can find lots more great music on his website

Tracks Heard on the Episode:

(From the album The Words She Said)

  1. On a Hill in Swinford
  2. Arms
  3. Fire and Storm Song
  4. Luke’s Tree
  5. Rifo’s Dance
    Paddy Mulcahy WTTE Weird Fiction Ep



Works & Authors Mentioned

Timothy J Jarvis: The Wanderer

H.P. Lovecraft: Collected Fiction

Caitlin R Kiernan

Jeff Vandermeer: The Southern Reach Trilogy

Ann and Jeff Vandermeer (eds): The New Weird

Annihilation, dir. Alex Garland

China Mieville: The City and the City; The Bas Lag Trilogy

Camilla Grudova: The Doll’s Alphabet

Martin McInnes: Infinite Ground

Gary Budden: Hollow Shores

Joel Lane: Where Furnace’s Burn

Helen Marshall

D.P. Watt

Nicholas Royle

Ramsey Cambell

Lynda Rucker



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