Support the show: spread the word, leave a review, make a donation

Words To That Effect is a one-man operation. I research, script, record, edit, and upload every episode. Then there’s the website upkeep, social media, the newsletter and everything else in between. I love it, but takes a while!

So, if you enjoy the show, and would like me to keep making episodes, then perhaps you would consider supporting the show. There are a few ways you can do this.

How to Support the Show

1. Spread the word

The easiest way to support the show is simply to tell your friends, family, or colleagues. Post about it on Facebook, tweet about the show, link to it from your own website, whatever you prefer.

Next time someone says “Hey, have you been listening to any good podcasts recently?”, you say: “Do you know what? I have!”

Are you, or is someone you know, making a list of “best literature podcasts” or “best Irish podcasts” or something along those lines? Point them this way!

If you are interested in commercial sponsorship or advertising then please get in touch  and see the Press & Reviews section for more.


2. Rate the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher (or wherever you listen to podcasts)

If you give the podcast a rating on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, or elsewhere and, better yet, leave a comment about why you like the show, it will help other people discover the show. Reviews have a big effect on whether potential listeners give the show a try. So, go on, give the show a quick review. Quick and painless!

3. Join the HeadStuff+ community (includes bonus episodes!)

If you really want to help make sure Words To That Effect continues to get made then you can join the HeadStuff+ community. By paying a small (or, if you like, very large) fee you can help me cover the setup and running costs of the show – equipment, website, media hosting, and so on. Beyond that, who knows? Maybe a few cups of decent coffee every week?

You can support WTTE or other podcasts on the network and no matter what show or shows you support, you get bonus material for every show on the network. Not bad!

Click on the here for the Words To That Effect HeadStuff+ page, which outlines the details, and the rewards and benefits, of joining up. (Spoiler: it includes exclusive HeadStuff+bonus episodes!)

Thanks for your support,