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Shortlisted for the Independent Media Award
Shortlisted for the Independent Media Academy Awards, 2020
Words To That Effect Radio New Zealand
WTTE was featured on Radio New Zealand's Podcast Hour

The Guardian

“An eclectic lineup of everything from ghost stories with a scientific twist to fake news during the first world war, all linked to but not shackled by the world of literature. Delightful stuff”

The Irish Times

It is rare enough to find a good listen touching upon such diverse genres of fiction from steampunk and transhumanism to pulp fiction and Sherlock, but Words to That Effect ticks several boxes. This Irish podcast from the Headstuff Network is meticulously researched but never dry. It is well-scripted but sounds natural. It draws on academic texts but is completely accessible.

The Bello Collective

"Words to that Effect unpacks stories of science, pop culture, fiction, and history to reveal everything that goes into our modern understanding of each. With episodes on subjects like overpopulation, dinosaurs, 4D models, or zombies, there’s something here for everyone. Try if you like: Revisionist History.

Wil Williams Reviews

"The structure of each episode feels very akin to other sophisticated deep-dive podcasts. While listening, I was consistently reminded of 99% Invisible: it has the same calm feeling while being incredibly well-researched. The podcast’s editing is light and clean, giving it a polished sheen without sounding over-produced"

Listener Reviews

Smart and compelling
One of the greats!
Interesting, intelligent and unexpected
WTTE review
Practically cinematic!
Words To That Effect iTunes Review
Great production


TN2 Magazine

TN2 Interview Words To That Effect Reviews

Read the full interview with Lee Jones of TN2 Magazine here.


Interview Words To That Effect Reviews - claire hennessy interview

Read the full interview with Claire Hennessy of Headstuff here.

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Arts Podcasts: #10 in Ireland; #23 in Britain

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