Episode 12: The Horrifically Complicated History of Zombies

The History of Zombies from Haiti to Hollywood

Words To That Effect Podcast Ep 12 History of Zombies

Whether we like it or not, the zombies are coming for us all. Films, books, computer games, comics and TV shows. From historical and mythical zombies to claims to have proven the scientific truth behind zombification. From the gruesome, cannibalistic monsters of horror, to the harmless creatures of children’s playground games. There are zombie flash mobs and parades, zombie cocktails and drinks. There’s zombie capitalism and zombie corporations. And, of course, the zombie apocalypse.


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They are coming. Shuffling, inexorably, unthinkingly, to consume us all. To infect us. And there’s nothing, it seems, that we can do to stop it.

We’ve all seen a zombie film or TV show. Or maybe you’ve just dressed up as a zombie for a Halloween party. You know what a zombie is…Or maybe you don’t.

Episode 12 of Words To That Effect explores the complex cultural history of zombies, from the cane fields of Haiti to the Hollywood screen, from the mindless, shuffling undead to the concept of zombie consciousness. I am joined by Prof Roger Luckhurst, author of Zombies: A Cultural History.  

Guest Profile

Professor Roger Luckhurst is Professor Luckhurst Zombies Cultural Historyin Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck, University of London. His research is wide-ranging but focuses in particular on horror and science fiction. His full bio can be found here

His excellent book, Zombies: A Cultural History, is available on Amazon here


His most recent book is the edited collection, the Cambridge Companion to Dracula, which is available here.




Music this week was by Overhead, the Albatross and The Jimmy Cake

Tracks, in the order played:

1 HBG (Overhead, The Albatross)

2 Red Tony (The Jimmy Cake)

3 Last Breath (The Jimmy Cake)

4. The Art of Wrecking (The Jimmy Cake)

5 The Day the Arms that Came Out of the Wall (The Jimmy Cake)


Works & Authors Mentioned

Lafcadio Hearn

William Seabrook: The Magic Island

Theodore Roscoe: Z is for Zombie

Henry Sinclair Whitehead

Victor Halperin (dir): White Zombie

George Romero (dir): Night of the Living Dead

Richard Matheson: I Am Legend

M.R. Carey: The Girl with All the Gifts

Danny Boyle (dir): 28 Days Later

Marc Forster (dir): World War Z

Frank Darabont: The Walking Dead

Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright: iZombie


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2 thoughts on “Episode 12: The Horrifically Complicated History of Zombies

  1. An interesting read that compliments what you have compiled is Wade Davis’ book, “The Serpent and The Rainbow”. Thanks for a delightful show!

    1. Yeah, I came across the Wade Davis book when I was researching the episode but haven’t read it – I’ll have to throw it on the “to read” pile! Glad you’re enjoying the show!

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