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WTTE is now a part of HeadStuff+

Something exciting has been going on over at the HeadStuff Podcast Network! This week saw the launch of HeadStuff+, a new membership platform for all HeadStuff shows.


Words To That Effect, as I’m sure you know, has been a proud member of the HPN since way back in 2017 and the network has grown enormously since then. There are a load of amazing shows on the network and HeadStuff+ is the new way to support them all.

All you need to do is head over to the lovely new website: HeadStuffPodcasts.com and sign up. It costs €5 and in return you not only help me keep making the episodes you love, but you get lots of bonus material, including several bonus episodes and lots more to come.

[Insert infomercial voice] But wait, there’s more! So regardless of what show you support on the network, you get access to all the bonus content from every show on the network. That’s bonus episodes, live shows, blooper reels, extra interviews, behind the scenes video, articles, reviews, photos, early access to events, merchandise and more from nearly 30 podcasts.

When you sign up you can choose between one, two or three podcasts to support on the network – so you can support just this show, or spread the love between your favourites. Either way, you get access to bonus content for nearly 30 shows.

The Podcast Studios, Dublin, where WTTE and the other HPN shows are recorded

If you already support this show via Patreon, first of all thank you! Secondly, don’t worry, nothing is going to change there for now. I’m hoping that current Patreon supporters will move across to HeadStuff+ (and get all the WTTE benefits PLUS all the extras from the other shows). Also, unlike with Patreon, all the money will go to me and the network; nobody is taking percentages before it reaches me (which is nice!). However, from now on I’ll be shouting about HeadStuff+ on the podcast rather than Patreon.

I’m coming up on episode 50 shortly, so if you’ve been listening since the beginning and appreciate the work that goes into making the show, then perhaps you might consider joining HeadStuff+


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