Music To That Effect: A Spotify Playlist For Season 1

Music To That Effect (WTTE Spotify Playlist)

A number of seriously good Irish musicians were kind enough to allow me to use their music on Season 1 of Words To That Effect, including:

  • Come On Live Long
  • Robert John Ardiff
  • The Jimmy Cake
  • Overhead The Albatross
  • 3epkano
  • Nouveaunoise
  • Philip Coleman (whose music is not on Spotify but can be found here)

So, I made a playlist. This is just a selection of what I hope you’ll agree is some really diverse and innovative music being made right now in Ireland.

Go, listen, share, support!

Love the music and want to hear it as the soothing strains in the background of a podcast? Well, you can listen to any of the episodes here

Information about the bands and the songs used is also included on the page for each episode.


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