Dublin Podcast Festival 2019

Upcoming Live Shows!

In exciting news, Caroline Crampton (of the podcast Shedunnit) and I are teaming up for a joint live show at the Dublin Podcast Festival and PodUK! The title is yet to be confirmed – what do you think:

Shedunnit to that Effect


Words Dunnit

Either way, I’m very excited about what I’m going to go ahead and call an international tour (because it’s happening in two countries).

First up, is a show on November 15th at Dublin’s newest live venue, The Podcast Studios, as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival. There’s a great lineup of shows at this year’s festival, so have a browse and see if there some other shows you might be interested in too. There are lots of fellow HeadStuff podcasts performing too, and there’s a write up about the festival here.

Then, on February 1 next year, we’ll be performing the show at PodUK in Birmingham. This is a podcast fan convention with live shows, workshops, meet and greets and lots of other events. Definitely worth heading too if you’re in or around Birmingham.

If, somehow, you don’t already listen to Shedunnit you can have a listen here. You may also remember Caroline from WTTE Episode 32, on Golden Age Detective Fiction, where she was my guest expert on the topic.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for both shows are on sale now at the links below. The Dublin event is a smaller venue so tickets will (hopefully!) sell out fast. To avoid bitter disappointment, get yours now!

Thanks, and see you for Season 4 in the coming weeks. Keep an eye here or on social media for the new trailer and a launch date.

Dublin Podcast Festival
Dublin Podcast Festival – find out more here

Tickets for the Dublin Podcast Festival show are available at Ticketmaster here

Pod UK & Dublin Podcast Festival Tour

Tickets for PodUK are available here (one ticket gets you entry to the whole festival, including the WTTE/Shedunnit live show)

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