Season 5: Coming Very Soon!

It’s been a while. It was not my intention to have such a long season gap, but then nor was it my intention, when I made an episode about apocalyptic fiction, that I would soon get the opportunity to experience my very own global pandemic.

So there you have it.

But plans are afoot. Season 5 is now, finally, on its way. I haven’t finalised the date yet but but keep an eye on social media (or become a Patron for the inside scoop) and I’ll confirm that very soon. I’m going to tentatively say the beginning of October.

There’s also lots happening over at the HeadStuff Podcast Network, with a big announcement coming up there around the same time as Season 5 launches.

So, watch this space, and make sure you’re subscribed on your podcast player of choice. Tales will be told, literature will be lauded, culture will be…discussed.

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